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HipStore is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to get paid and premium apps on your iOS device. It used to be that you would have to install a jailbreak to do this and then download apps like Install0us and AppCake from Cydia [ext link]. HipStore requires no jailbreak and can be installed directly on your iOS device . Full guide on installing HipStore can be found here [ Download HipStore ].

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HipStore Errors :

Most people are going to have no trouble at all using HipStore but a few users have experienced a couple of issues. The first and most common one is an download error that comes up when you tap the app download button. The error message says something along the lines of, “Unable to Download App” but there are two easy methods that you can use to get around this.


Method 1 :

Try this one first

  1. Close Safari down  close_safari_appswitcher_vshare
  2. Close down all open apps so that you have nothing running on your iOS device at all
  3. Leave it a few minutes and then try the download steps as detailed in the linked post

If this doesn’t work, you should try the next method .

Method 2 :

  • As above, close down Safari and any open apps so that you have nothing ringing
  • Shut off your iOS device completely using the Power button slide_to_power_off-reboot
  • Leave it a minute or two and then power it back on again
  • Try the no-jailbreak method of installation again

HipStore Crashing Error :

Another common error that is being reported is that HipStore keeps on crashing. This is because of the certificates that are used. When a company has an app that they want to install on their employee’s iOS devices, Apple will provide them with a certificate that allows them to do so without having to put their app on the iOS app store first. HipStore uses expired versions of these certificates and that is where the problem lies because Apple blocks them on a regular basis.


When you launch an app, before it opens, the certificate is checked to make sure it is in place and is valid. If it is, your app will launch. If it isn’t, as is the case with HipStore, it won’t. Because of this, the apps will continuously crash

Can it Be Fixed ?

No. Although HipStore is regularly updating their certificates the only sure fire way to fix this is to Delete HipStore and reinstall it again. Unfortunately, that means you will also need to reinstall any app that you downloaded through HipStore.

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