With a severe lack of jailbreaks in evidence these days, the time has come to start looking for other ways to modify our iOS devices and developers across the world have come up with several solutions. One the most recent and possibly one of the best is called TweakBox, a feature rich installer that gives us access to loads of jailbreak features without the need to jailbreak our iOS devices.

Image : TweakBox Download Tutorial

TweakBox Features :

TweakBox [ext link] provides several different categories that cover the needs of just about every user.

  • Flash Apps – apps that shouldn’t be present in the iOS app store
  • TweakBox Apps – emulators, screen recorders and more 
  • App Store Apps – premium and paid apps for free
  • Modified Games – hacked versions of your favorite games
  • Tweaked Apps – modified apps, like Instagram and SnapChat, with features that you wouldn’t normally get with the stock app

TweakBox vs HipStore :

Another popular app installer is HipStore but how does it compare to TweakBox ? HipStore [ read about ] is similar to TweakBox in that it provides access to some tweaks that you could only get from Cydia and it does provide access to premium content for free, giving you a great way of checking out an app or game before you pay for it. However, HipStore is somewhat limited in the content it provides you. Where TweakBox offers almost unlimited access to Cydia apps and tweaks, paid content and hacked games, HipStore only lets you get at a few of these, perhaps just the most popular.

Image : TweakBox vs HipStore App

TweakBox is comprehensive and much faster when it comes to getting the latest apps and games, mainly because it has an active community working for it. Even better, with TweakBox, you are not running the risk of infringing rights by acquiring apps illegally because of the way the downloads are supplied by the community. In all, although HipStore does offer a solution of sorts, for those who want more choice, TweakBox is the obvious solution.

How to Download TweakBox :

TweakBox is very easy to download and install onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and deleting it is even easier if you don’t like it :

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad [ no other browser works with this method ]  
  2. In the address bar, input and then tap on Go
  3. When our mobile web page loads up, look for and tap on the UP arrow , iPhone users will find it at the bottom of the screen, iPad users at the top right 
  4. Several new options will load at the bottom of the page, tap on Add to Home Screen
  5. Next, you need to rename the app icon so call it TweakBox . Tap the Add button and when the process has finished, shut Safari 
  6. The TweakBox icon will be on one of your home screens 

Video: This shows you the TweakBox installation steps

What do you think of TweakBox ? Will you give it a go while we wait for a usable jailbreak utility ? Let us know how you get on with it and if you have any trouble installing and using TweakBox.

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