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When it comes to downloading apps and games , it used to be that Cydia was the place to go to. But right now, with iOS 10 download released and PPHelper patched up, not everyone is in a position to jailbreak and that means missing out. Or it would do if we didn’t have HipStore to turn to. HipStore is similar to jailbreak apps like Install0us and AppCake as well another non-jailbreak app called vShare but it is far more comprehensive, containing millions of Apps, Games, Ringtones, HD Wallpapers and much more besides, all of which that can be downloaded .

Image : HipStore iOS 9 Download Tutorial

Now that iOS 10 is out, the next thing we are waiting for is a jailbreak but that is not likely to be anytime soon. Both Pangu and Taig are investigating the new firmware to see what they can do but this takes time and, for those of you who have updated beyond iOS 9.3.3, HipStore is the next best thing.

To Download HipStore, you need to follow a number of steps, all of which are detailed below. It isn’t the same as simply heading to iTunes and downloading an app but you do not need your computer and you can delete it at any time. One other thing that puts it ahead of many other apps is that, rather than just being available in Chinese, it can be downloaded in a number of different languages.


Supported Devices :

These devices will support the download of HipStore on iOS 9+

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad

Downloads HipStore on iOS 9 :

All the methods to download HipStore app is listed below with detailed tutorial.

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Launch Safari ,  this is the only browser it will work on ios-10-safari
  2. Type in https://hipstore.app [ copy-paste in browser ] to the address bar and tap Go   hipstore
  3. When the web page has fully loaded, find the UP arrow and tap on it , look at the top or the bottom of the screen based on your iOS devicehipstore_ipad3
  4. Now choose where to save your app , select Add to Home Screen from the options hipstore_safari0
  5. Give your app icon a name HipStore . Tap on Add and exit out of Safari 
  6. Check your home screen, you should see the HipStore app icon on there . Watch the video below. Now proceed to next stepshipstore-homescreen-copy

Video : Check out this video for a walkthrough of the above steps

After HipStore is installed on homeScreen.

This second step is more advanced and requires you to follow these steps very carefully:

  1. Launch the app from homescreen.
  2. Select the iOS version of your device and click on the link. Tap Install Directly to iOS Device on the information page that loads, this will let the profile install to your device
  3. Now your Settings app will open automatically; tap on Install Profile and then input your passcode
  4. Safari browser will open; tap on Install HipStore and then Install when the confirmation message pops up
  5. Settings opens again, tap on Install > Next
  6. Tap Done and then wait for the installation to complete

You can now enjoy HipStore and all it has to offer but, if it doesn’t work properly, repeat these steps, making sure to follow them carefully

Method 3: Android Only


iOS users have long had many extra features on their devices when they install jailbreaks and these features have never been available to Android users. Now though, the developers of HipStore have updated their installer to support Android so that they too can enjoy free premium apps, modified apps and much more besides. For more information and a download guide, click the link below:

Fix HipStore Not Working Issue :

HipStore is a great app installer but it is guaranteed to crash within 7 days. This is in no way anything to do with the app installer itself, rather it is down to Apple. Because they do not sign the app certificate and do not allow the app into the app store, they do not consider HipStore to be a valid app and will revoke the certificate very quickly. To stop this, you need to install Anti Revoke VPN tool. This will hide the app certificate from Apple so they cannot revoke it and you can continue to use HipStore for as long as you want. Click the link below to get more details and a step by step tutorial on how to download and use it.

Popular HipStore Apps :

HipStore is a great app installer with so much to choose from; some of the more popular apps in it are:

  • AirShou

AirShou screen recorder has always been one of the most popular downloads from Cydia but with jailbreaks lacking in supply right now, lots of users are missing out. Thankfully, HipStore now has it available for download with no jailbreak required and it has been redeveloped with lots of extra features. We prepared an AirShou [ext link] download guide for you so click the given link to get it.

  • Snapchat++

With instant messaging becoming one of the more popular forms of communication now, its no wonder that apps like Snapchat are catching up to WhatsApp and Messenger. But, even though it has plenty of great features, some of the more basic ones, like being able to customize the app, are missing. Snapchat++ brings those extra features to the table without you needing to jailbreak first. The linked article provides you with more information and a tutorial on how to download Snapchat++ [ext link].

HipStore Alternative Apps :

HipStore is a great app installer but it may not suit everyone. For those who can’t find what they are looking for, there are some other great alternatives:

  • Tutu App

Tutu App is one of the most popular app installers ever released and is full of useful content. Not only do you get to choose from several of the most popular modified apps, like Pokémon Go++, Spotify++, etc., lots of paid apps for free and plenty of other tweaks and apps. Find out how you can download Tutu App [ext link] on your iPhone or iPad by clicking on the link

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is the installer for those who want to get back their games emulators. These could only be downloaded through Cydia at one time but now anyone can enjoy playing the console games on their devices without having to jailbreak. There is also a lot more content to choose from so click the linked article for more details on how to download Emus4U [ext link].

What are your thoughts on HipStore ? Is it a viable alternative to the jailbreak method ? Follow us on Facebook for more news direct to your inbox.

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