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For those of you that are stuck between jailbreaks, because you have updated beyond iOS 9.3.3 or who don’t want to jailbreak but still want to be able to download paid and premium apps and games , there is now another alternative called HipStore. Many jailbreakers will be familiar with the likes of Install0us, AppCake, and AppSync and others will be familiar with vShare [ext link], all of which do the same sort of thing but, with the exception of vShare, require you to jailbreak first. HipStore is the most up to date app that allows you to download all sorts of apps, games, ringtones and other types of content without having to pay for it.

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Installing HipStore is a little more involved than downloading apps via iTunes simply because Apple doesn’t like apps of this nature in their store. Because it goes against all of their guidance, we have to find another way to get it onto your iOS devices and the steps to do that are detailed in the linked article above , simply follow them in order for a successful download.

Not everyone will have a smooth trouble-free experience with HipStore and, while we have come up with solutions for some of the more common problems, sometimes the only way to fix an issue either with HiPStore or with an app you have downloaded, is to delete it and that’s what we are going to cover in this post.

How to Uninstall or Delete HipStore :

Before we start, it is only fair to say that downloading these apps and games without paying is a form of piracy and we would ask that you only use HipStore as a way of trying out an app before you decide whether to buy it from the developer or not.

  1. Unlock the screen on your iOS device
  2. Look for the HipStore app on your Home Screen – do not launch the app hipstore_safari3_install
  3. Long press on the app icon until it starts to wiggle hipstore_delete-safari4_install
  4. A cross will appear in the top right corner of the icon, press on this to delete the app from your iOS device hipstore_delete-safari5_install
  5. Once you have deleted HipStore from your iOS device, you can easily reinstall it using the step by step guide we have produced for you

Video : Above steps explained step by step

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  1. Had issues with HipStore. Easily deleted following this tutorial and re-installed and it started working again. Had some hiccups down the line while using HipStore , but it is well worth the effect.

    Thanks !!!

      1. I was able to delete HipStore and then again re-download Hipstore. It works perfectly now. Thanks Team HipStore .

  2. The app won’t load all the way. I’ve restarted my phone and it still won’t delete. Can’t find it in the app downloaded ate either.
    It’s on my screen but fade out Keeps saying waiting.

    My son downloaded this to my phone I do to want to it on there. Can’t get it to remove

  3. Hola quiero desintalar esta aplicacion de mi telefono pero no es posible debido que al dejar precionada la aplicacion no me aparece el icono con la cruz como lo puedo desintalar ayuda !!!

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