What is HipStore

Jailbreaking is all about getting what you want on your iOS device, regardless of the restrictions that Apple has in place. iOS 10 is now out and many others have update beyond iOS 9.3.3. That means, for those people, jailbreaking with PPHelper is out of the question and that also means not being able to access premium apps . That’s where HipStore comes into play.

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What is HipStore ?

HipStore is similar to an app store, containing a large number of paid apps, ringtones, media files, etc. It is not unlike Install0us, used by jailbreakers the world over, or like vShare, another option for getting paid apps and, to get HipStore on your device, you do not need to jailbreak.

Features :

  • HipStore is available in different languages, enabling you to choose the one that suits you
  • The store is packed full of games and apps, some premium and paid, some freehipstore_iphone_1
  • Download apps that you can’t get through iTunes
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Compatible with all iOS devices that support iOS 9 through to iOS 10

Disclaimer  : Before we talk any further, we must advise you that downloading paid and premium apps for free is piracy and we neither condone nor encourage it. If you do use HipStore, please only use it as way of testing out the apps to see if you like them or not. If you do, please consider supporting the developers and purchasing them through the correct channels.

Downloads HipStore :

Downloading HipStore isn’t quite as easy as it is to download and install an app from iTunes. We have produced a step by step, no-jailbreak-required guide for you to follow. We have also identified a couple of issues that some people might come across when using HipStore and can provide you with solutions along with a way of deleting HipStore in the event that you no longer need it.

HipStore is one of a number of apps that do the same thing – provide you with access to premium and paid apps. It is the latest one on the market and is packed with apps and other content that will suit people of all ages and with all different tastes.

Let us know what you think of HipStore. Are you going to download it or wait for the iOS 10 jailbreak ? Follow us on Facebook for more tips and tutorials sent straight to your inbox.




  1. Thank you guys for releasing the HipStore download for iOS. I am an avid fan and use Hipstore for downloading free AppStore app for my iPhone 6s .

    keep it up. Cheers !!

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